New tracklist announced: Duo Kie – De cerebri mortis

I just got word two productions of mine made the final cut of Duo Kie’s upcoming album.
This is going to be my second release in spain and i am really proud to be a part of this project. I am happy i could connect Duo Kie with my man Kool G Rap.
You van check out the whole tracklist below. I have produced “Kies in tha game” and “Rapzilla”.

01- Pon una cifra
02- Quién se apunta
03- Kies in tha game Con Kool G Rap
04- Un, Dos
05- Pistolas de agua
06- El último hombre furioso
07- Voy a por ti (So payaso) Con Kutxi de Marea
08- Rap y chimpances
09- Ouch…
10- Boom!
11- Si nos oyen gritar
12- Rapzilla Con Capaz y Sho Hai
13- La vida a ras de suelo
14- Mientras sigamos vivos


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