New Cover: Hilltop Hoods – Golden Era Mixtape

The Hilltop Hoods are about to release their free Mixtape which features all Golden Era signed artists: Briggs, Vents, Funkours and of course the Hoods themselves.
Don Reynolds and me have produced one track on this mixtape which will be available for free download soon.
The mixtape is a teaser to the Hilltop Hoods album “Drinking from the Sun” which is going to be released in March and which i have produced a track for as well.
As soon as you can download the mixtape I will post the link.
Noch diesen Monat releasen die Hilltop Hoods ihr Golden Era Mixtape. Ich habe, zusammen mit Don Reynolds, einen Track auf dem Mixtape, das es zum Free-Download gben wird, produziert. Das Mixtape ist ein Teaser zum Hoods Album “Drinking from the Sun”, für das ich auch einen Song produziert habe.


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