New tracklist: Hilltop Hoods – Drinking From The Sun

Multi platinum and ARIA award winning hiphop crew Hilltop Hoods from Australia just have released the tracklist to their upcoming album “Drinking From The Sun”.
I have produced the track “Good for nothing” which came out as a monster!
In 2009 I got my first double platinum record for having produced the track “She’s so ugly” on the Hilltop Hoods’ album “Stat of the art”.
Die Hilltop Hoods, Australiens erfolgreichste HipHop Crew haben gerade die Tracklist zu ihrem kommenden Album “Drinking From The Sun” veröffentlicht. Ich habe den Song “Good for nothing” produziert.
Im Jahr 2009 habe ich meine erste Doppel-Platin Auszeichnung für den Track “She’s so ugly” auf dem letzten Hoods Album “State of the art” bekommen.

1. The Thirst Pt. 1
2. Drinking from the Sun
3. I Love It Feat. Sia
4. Lights Out
5. Living in Bunkers Feat. Lotek & Black Thought
6. Speaking in Tongues Feat. Chali 2na
7. Now You’re Gone
8. Good for Nothing
9. Rattling the Keys to the Kingdom
10. The Thirst Pt. 2
11. The Underground Feat. Classified & Solo
12. Shredding the Balloon
13. The Thirst Pt. 3
14. Good for Nothing (K21 Remix)


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