New album cover: Eloqur – From The Oceans Of Karana

Australian Rapper Eloquor is going to release his next studio album in May. I already have worked with Eloquor on his last releases and I am happy a beat of mine made the upcoming record “From The Oceans Of Karana” as well. The track I have composed and produced is going to be called “Electric Kids”. As soon as there is a tracklist or an iTunes links I will post it here. As soon as the album is released I am going to post the track here as well.
Eloquor, ein australischer Rapper, mit dem ich schon für seine letzten beiden Releases gearbeitet habe, releast im Mai sein nächstes Studio Album “From The Oceans Of Karana”. Der Song, den ich dieses mal komponiert und produziert habe, heißt “Electric Kids”. Sobald es eine Tracklist oder einen iTunes Link gibt, poste ich das natürlich hier.


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